Instruction Bulletins

Please find below a range of instruction bulletins for a variety of 3M, Arlon and Hexis films
4.1 Sheeting, Scoring & Cutting of Film
4.15 Making Banners
4.22 Cold Roll Lamination
4.26 Constructing Backlit Sign Faces
4.3 Application Tapes
5.1 Substrate Selection
5.12 Curtainsiders
5.16 Thermoforming
5.19 Floor Graphics
5.29 Floor Graphics 2
5.30 Application of Flexiface
5.31 Applying Comply Films
5.33 Sidewalk Graphics
5.36 Complex Contours
5.37 Textured Wall Surfaces
5.4 Special Applications for Vehicles
5.41 Application of 3M Di-Noc Films
5.42 Watercraft Applications
5.44 Application to Petrol Pumps
5.5 Dry Applications
5.7 Wet Applications
6.1 Cleaning & Removing
6.5 Storage Handling Maintenance & Removal
8150 Clearview Application
Vehicle Applicator Tools
Vehicle Wrap Tips
VHB Tape Removal
VHB Tape Removal from Truck Bodies
Vikuiti Rear Projection Installations
  Installer Handbook Vinyl Films
Application Rule of Thumb
Application Tape – Applying Wide Webs
Application Tape – For Etch Glass Films
Application Tape Removal
Calon Adhesion Build
Chemically Assisted Removals
Complex Channels on Vehicles
Digital Print – Installation
Digital Print – Installation on Painted Dry Wall
Digital Print – On the Printer
Digital Print – Pre Print Considerations
Digital Print – Printing on 2400 Reflective
Digital Print – Using 4560GT & 4560GTX
Etch Glass Use & Applications
Installations in Cold Weather
Installations on Banner, Awning & Flexiface
Mottling of Vinyl Films
Overcoating with clearcoats
Paints – Dry vs Cured
Pressure Washing Vinyl Films
Reducing Bubbles Trapped by Film
Reflective Film – General Notes
Selection of Application Tapes
Surface Preparation
Thermoforming Translucent
Using Heat to Increase Adhesion
Vehicle Wraps Installation Guide
Vehicle Wrap Removal Guide
Wet Applications
Window Glass Applications
Etch Glass Application
Suptac S5000
FLEX200 Application Guide
UFLEX3 Application Guide