Think tesa® for industrial use tapes

tesa have a wide range of double and single sided tapes for almost any industrial use.  No matter how individual your needs, tesa has the perfect solution for your business.

double-sided foam tapes

  • For fixing, bonding, joining and laminating
  • With more than 100 years experience  in the production of self-adhesive products, tesa is one of the leading producers world-wide.
  • Their high quality double-sided foam tapes are designed to aid process optimisation and efficiency increases.
  • On-site advice or process-specific issues are a part of our service
  • Constructive mounting tapes at temperature, to standard mounting tapes, there is a foam tape specific for your application.

single-sided foam tapes

  • For gap filling, sealing, cushioning uneven surfaces & shock & noise absorption
  • Manufactured to perform to a high standard across a wide variety of sealing applications
  • Seal out moisture, drafts, dust, fumes, light and insects
  • Eliminate or reduce noise and vibration
  • Provide impact resistance, cushioning and protection
  • Even out stress on assembled components