Think tesa® for building & construction

tesa manufactures a wide range of self adhesive tapes that can be used for many different applications in all sectors of the building & construction industry, from the construction of domestic dwellings to large civil works projects.

roofing & cladding

  • ACX plus as an alternative to mechanical fastenings
  • Foam tapes for sealing behind various types of wall cladding
  • Thick PVC insulation tape for the prevention of electrolysis between dissimilar metals
  • Foam tapes for noise reduction under PVC & polycarbonate roof sheeting
  • Sealing

civil works

  • Seal between concrete planks under the road base prior to the road base concrete pour
  • Precasting of concrete tunnel wall sections where voids need to be created
  • Seal reservoir covers & sewerage & water pump house roofs
  • Protection of joint seals
  • Bridges & overpasses


  • Seal complex precast moulds
  • Provide a water barrier to prevent moisture leakage & impart a clean edge to the concrete
  • Seal on-site formwork
  • Quick & easy method of attaching accessories (eg. ferrules & plastic fillets) to mould table faces
  • Joining membranes


air conditioning

  • Specialised tapes for sealing rigid galvanised duct sections
  • Sealing flexible ducting
  • Joining foil faced duct insulation
  • Sealing duct to spigot



  • Both domestic & commercial windows can be sealed with tesa foam glazing tapes
  • Wide range of thicknesses from 1.6mm to 19mm are suitable for sealing most glass and frame combinations
  • Can be die-cut to seal corners of fabricated aluminium window frames
  • Products for light weight domestic windows & heavy-weight for commercial
  • Protection tapes to protect windows from on-site plastering or cement rendering etc