Think tesa® for automotive tape solutions

In and on almost every car you will find self-adhesive solutions from tesa Automotive.  There are up to 50 different adhesive tapes in a single car.  Here in New Zealand we can assist trailer, campervan and bus manufacturers with highly durable bonding solutions inside, and outside the vehicle.


  • Highly durable bonding solutions for the vehicle exterior
  • Bond individual components as well as permanent attachments for bus & trailer manufacturing
  • Meets high demands placed on the adhesive
  • Resistant to moisture, UV and temperature fluctuations
  • Excellent stress dissipation & weather resistance


  • Secure bonding of different materials is needed in the interior, eg. on the headliner, in the seats, or in the dashboard.
  • Noise damping/vibration prevention
  • Cable mounting & wire harnessing

auto refinish

  • Create precise paint edges in two-tone designs for bumper or bodywork paint jobs
  • For application during standard repair painting
  • Protection tapes during production and transportation