What is tesa® ACXplus?

The latest technology in constructive mounting, ACXPlus is a high strength double-sided bond tape for structural use.  This includes applications such as signage, cladding or anywhere where the highest performance is required.

Constructive bonding is a key element in every industry and can be very challenging. For many applications high tech materials are in use that have special structures and properties that need to be maintained. Dissimilar materials need to be bonded. Traditional mechanical fasteners like rivets, welds, or screws may not be suitable or can even damage these materials

acx plus vs the rest

+  Acrylic core tape with high stress dissipation
+  Bonding of dissimilar materials
Forces are equally distributed over the bonded area
+  Optical design improvement
+  No damaging of the material structure
+  Weight reduction
+  No corrosion
+  Fast & easy assembly.

liquid glue

+ Optical design improvement
+ No damaging of the material structure
Drying time required slows down assemby process
-  Prone to contamination from dirt & dust

screws & rivets

+ Bonding of dissimilar materials
+ Easy to separate
Can damage the material
Stresses are concentrated at screws/rivet points
Risk of corrosion



Weight reduction
+  High-strength bond
-   No bonding of dissimilar materials
  Can damage the material
-   Risk of corrosion